The hydrotherapeutic and restorative benefits of hot tub bathing, combined with the unique way in which they bring friends and family together in a social experience like no other has seen hot tub ownership in the UK go from the preserve of pop and film stars, to a fixture found in many homes and gardens. 
Molland Pools offers a wide range of quality, US-made hot tubs, to suit all needs, applications and budgets, meaning we have the perfect hot tub for you and your family, which we also deliver and install throughout the region. 
Similar to swim spas in looks, but larger in overall size, swim spas too have become increasingly popular in British homes. A swim spa is a small portable swimming pool which is built using the same construction methods as a hot tub, but which features high-powered jets which deliver a flow which a swimmer swims against. Thus you can swim for as long and as far as you like without ever leaving the same spot - a bit like an underwater version of a running machines. 
Molland Pools supplies and installs some of the world's leading US-made swim spas to suit all needs and budgets throughout the south and west of England. 
For more details on the benefits of hot tub or swim spa ownership 
please call Trevor on 07788161454 
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