The self-build market has seen significant growth in the last 20 years, with many property owners looking to build, extend or refurbish their homes, either in their entirety, or acting as project managers and calling in specialist expertise or skills to fill gaps in their own skill-sets. The swimming pool sector has seen similar growth in the numbers of home owners embarking on their own projects to add a swimming pool to their self-build or DIY project, and take also advantage of the savings that can be made by undertaking the works themselves. 
That said, a swimming pool is a significant construction proposition that requires specific and specialist expertise, and brings together a great many different trades and skill-sets; and, whilst eminently possible, should not be undertaken lightly, and can prove very expensive if things, unfortunately go wrong. 
Here at Molland Pools, we have many years in supplying the packages of the equipment needed to complete any DIY self-build swimming pool project. Just as importantly, we also have the expertise on-hand to give you all the advice and specialist support you need to carry-out and complete your project. We can also offer highly tailored packages where we carry out any of the works on your project that you may not be comfortable carrying out yourself or entrusting to a general tradesperson. 
Our expertise in DIY self-build projects includes 
Concrete tiled DIY self-build swimming pools. 
Block and liner DIY self-build swimming pools. 
Panel and liner DIY self-build swimming pools. 
One-piece modular DIY self-build swimming pools. 
If you have an existing pool, a DIY project and you’d like to discuss any repair or refurbishment issues 
please call Trevor on 07788161454 
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